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Chamber Type Shrink Wrapping Machine


  • Model No :- APSPL 1520
  • Sealing area:-15”X20”
  • Power Supply :-230 VAC
  • Real Consumption : 2.5Kw/Hr
  • Max.Film Size : 600 x 300 mm Dia
  • Machine Dim :1190 X750 X 1450 mm
  • Machine Weight: 110 Kg. Approx


  • Adjustable Sealing timer
  • Sealing System – Blade type
  • Sealing and shrinking are done in single operation
  • Only one person required to operate
  • Minimum electric consumption
  • Stainless steel parts for heater plate and heater plate cover for controlling heat loss, anti-corrosive, long life and less maintenance.
  • Brass parts for blade holding assemblies & corner block: anti-corrosive, long life and less maintenance.
  • Adjustable working platform.
  • Rubber stopper for film roll.
  • Roll stand is provided in the same plane of feeding tray to easy release of film from roll and it allows you to use film up to last layer of roll
  • Safety cut off is provided for sealing blade, which prevents damage of blade due to overheating.
  • Machine has strong fabricated body and sturdy legs to move the machine from one station to another. In addition to this we provide leveling stand/ knob for the proper installations of the machine in one plane and to adjust the height of the machine.
  • Sealing and cutting blade is rests against Silicon rubber gaskets which has high temperature withstanding capacity & which does not damage due to hot sealing blade while sealing and cutting operation. Molded Silicon gaskets are used for better straightness & smooth surface finish.
  • Machine is Powder coated in attractive color combination.
  • Machine is extremely user friendly, sturdy, durable, technically superior and still reasonably priced

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