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  • Turntable diameter- 1500mm
  • Wrapping height (including pallet)- 2100mm
  • Pallet weight- 1500kgs (Max. 2000kgs)
  • Power supply 3Ø , 220, 380, 415, 440V(50/60HZ)
  • Power consumption Electrical magnetic brake 1.3KW
  • Turntable motor 1 HP
  • Film carriage motor 1/2HP
  • Power consumption Power Pre-stretch system 1.7KW
  • Turntable motor 1 HP
  • Film carriage motor 1/2 HP
  • Pre-stretch motor 1/2HP
  • Film carriage system Electrical magnetic brake (Adjustable)
  • Option: Power pre-stretch system
  • Turntable speed 0~15 RPM (Adjustable)
  • Film carriage speed 5M/per min. (Adjustable)
  • Film spec. Film reel core dia.: 76mm
  • Film reel outside dia.: Max. 350 mm
  • Width: 500mm
  • Film thickness 17~35 microns
  • Packing size L2838 x W1636 x H950 mm


  • Utilizes PLC control, equipped with standard organization of professional design.
  • A frequency inverter controls the speed of the motor, so that the film wrapping and rotational speed can be perfectly matched.
  • The film carriage is equipped with chain drive, for smooth vertical movement. Speed is adjustable.
  • Turntable is is equipped with chain drive, for stable turning during pallet loading. Speed is adjustable.
  • When moving, the pillar can be directly put down. Don't need to take apart the film carriage. This saves time and prevents negligence when reinstalling.
  • Manual or auto mode of operation.
  • Soft start / stop and wrap smoothly so the machine life is long

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